We are V’Doggle Vision Design Tools and we are our goal is to unite the artistic community and help them bring their vision to the world. Every time you create artistic work, you are designing a vision. It’s not just about the outcome. It’s also about what we learn on a creative journey through the process of creation.

We offer resource sharing to artists who want to buy, sell or trade supplies with other artists, announce new works or shows, blog to the community and keep up on the latest trends through news feeds from artistic organizations. There will be a scrollable portfolio, even a job board in our first product launch. Membership is FREE. Members can choose up to 5 specialty titles. We’ll be rolling out more tools in the coming months.


  • Community eCommerce Trade Site where members can sell, buy, trade supplies with other members to maximize your resources at minimal cost.
  • My Media module where artists can upload digital copies of their work.
  • Blogging & Announcements
  • News feeds from favorite organizations.
  • Community Job Board
  • Meeting & Scheduling tool

V’Doggle invites members to offer feedback on our tools and website to help us build our community tools to fit your needs.

What is V’Doggle? We are a creative services software that caters to the visual arts in the still and moving narrative image. We support visual artists, film makers and gaming designers. To begin with, we will offer blogging, announcements, community news feeds and social media tools in which artists can work interactively with each other to achieve their goals.

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