The BLOODWELL, now available on Kindle and Amazon

FBI rookies Mitchell Carter and Jeff Shameus discover a new gruesome serial killer who the bureau dubs Judas because he crucifies his victims. The case is turned over to the Sex Crimes Unit lead investigator Lisca Talbot, an ex-street cop with a vigilante past. Mitchell is mesmerized by this new breed of woman who shuns his advances and convinces his boss to assign him to Lisca’s team. The crimes take place at the old slaughter house ruins that locals call the Bloodwell. Beneath the ghostly dilapidated buildings and the rotting grounds are a dangerous maze of wash-way tunnels that make it the perfect hiding place for Judas to carry out his rituals. On a hunch, Mitch and Jeff explore the Bloodwell in hopes of impressing Talbot and getting a promotion. Too late they discover it’s a trap. A bloody two-against-one battle ensues. But Judas, a powerful man, wins. Mitchell and Jeff are captured, drugged, savagely raped. After a harrowing escape, both the agents must hide what happened to them while still working on the case. The two make a pact to keep the rape secret. Mitchell fights flashbacks and panic attacks. Jeff hits the bottle. His marriage crumbles. Soon Judas returns, stalking them in a sadistic game. Now, it’s a race against time. They know Judas will brag if caught, so they hatch a desperate plan to capture and kill Judas before the FBI closes the case and learns the truth. But their plot goes horribly wrong.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: S. WATSON MAHER graduated from the American Film Institute with an MFA in Cinematography (2003). Maher combines visual and verbal story-telling talents to create powerful tales of suspense. Prior to attending AFI, Maher worked at MGM Studios in the Interactive Gaming and Consumer Products Departments. Maher is an award-winning screenwriter and has a BA in Journalism from Baylor University. See Maher’s film work at Maher is Creative Director at V’Doggle Vision Design Tools, Inc., an online film production services hub.,, More about S. Watson Maher on Amazon’s Author Central.