In violent 1870s Mexico, a once gentle peasant avenges the death of his wife by hunting down a brazen female bandito, but vicious gun battles teach him killing won’t lead to peace and redemption. Mendoza Jaurez, a poor desperate miner, visits a mission to pray for his dying wife. An unscrupulous nun cons him out of all his money promising favor with God. But the nun isn’t a nun at all. She is Lucia Chavez, from a ruthless bandito crime family, and she’s stealing money to buy her father’s out of the hang-man’s noose. Unable to raise enough cash before he, Lucias execution date, Lucia and her sisters rob a Texas train, killing a US Marshal. Bounty hunters flood into Mexico fast after the reward on her head. But only Mendoza knows her disguise. When he finds her wanted poster, he knows that he now has the upper hand ane pursues her across across the Mexican desert in a quest for revenge. Meanwhile, Lucia discovers that her once dangerous father, has redeemed himself and refuses to comply with his daughter’s demands. Lucia gets herself further into danger when she lies to a Mexican general, promising gold in exchange for safe passage to the Chavez family’s hideout.  Blazing battles erupt when the two main characters come together in clashes of vengeance, desperation and survival. One loses faith. One finds faith. And yet another finds redemption. Who lives and who dies?

S. WATSON MAHER Cinematographer / Writer graduated from the prestigious American Film Institute with an MFA in Cinematography (2003) and has combined her visual and verbal story-telling talents to create powerful tales of the human heart. Prior to attending AFI, Maher worked at MGM Studios in the Interactive Gaming and Consumer Products Departments. She is an award-winning screenwriter and has a BA in Journalism from Baylor University. See her film work at Maher is Creative Director at V’Doggle Vision Design Tools, Inc. – an online film production services hub. For information on the author, see, and

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